Friday, November 11, 2011

Taylor M


I'm so late posting tonight!
But I have a good reason.
I was at our HS football game.
And we won - we are on to the state championship game!
I forgot how much fun small town football can be.
AND we got to sit outside in 60 degree weather!
St. George is awesome.

But I digress. Today I am grateful for Taylor.
Or Taylor M as her grandpa calls her.
She is my oldest.
My very first baby.
And now she is driving and hanging out with friends
More than she hangs out with her parents.
Oh, the life of a high schooler (is that even a word?)

I couldn't be the insane, neurotic student I am
without the help if this girl.
She keeps our house running!
She also ROCKS at playing the piano.
I have to brag - she gets up at 5 AM
every morning to practice. What a girl!

So today, and everyday (almost - just kidding, but not really)
I am grateful for my darling daughter, Taylor.

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