Friday, November 18, 2011

A Home of My Own

Today I am grateful for a home to live in.
As most of you know, my family recently
left our home in SL and headed south.
It was hard to leave the home we had spent
the last 7 years in.  It made us all
a little sad, a little lonely, longing
for the familiar-ness of our old home.

But we found a house
we like well enough.
I dare say it is even
starting to feel like home!

When I start to complain
about what my house DOESN'T have, I try
to remember I am lucky to have
somewhere to lay my head at night
(and it has indoor plumbing - see this post...)

My home is good to me. It puts up with my
endless vacuuming. It stores all of my
crazy "stuff" and keeps me warm. It
lets me walk around in my undies, if I
so choose to do. It doesn't care
what I look like or what I wear.

So for today, I am grateful to have a home!

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