Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today I am grateful for my DH
(short for Dear Husband)
 He takes me on super awesome vacations
(Like Cancun, my favorite place to visit)
He stays pretty calm, even when I get feisty
(I know, me, feisty?  Never!)
I have pretty tender feelings towards this guy.
He moved our family to sunny St George so I can go to school.
He takes care of everything for me around the house.
He doesn't even complain about all the stuff I ask him to do!
AND he is an excellent cook!  
(He makes dinner EVERY NIGHT!!)

I feel pretty darn lucky he picked me.
And he's still with me after all these years.
So for today 
(and everyday, I just don't always mention it)
I am grateful for my dear husband.

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