Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today I am grateful for Friends!

I know, friends come and go.
Some friends know everything about you.
And they still love you!
(Like the time I messed myself during a race.
My dear friend didn't leave me.
She stayed with me, even though
I'm sure it was kind of gross.
Then we laughed pretty  hard about it later.)

Some friends are friends forever, no matter where either 
of you go, no matter what stage of life you're in.
Some friends stay for a while, then move on.
Either way, my life has been blessed by good, good friends.
The kind that make you a better person for knowing them.

 My kids have also been blessed with good friends.
What mom doesn't want good friends for her kids?
Ashlie and her two "besties"
 Cam and his friends (love these boys like they're my own!!)
 My BFF Tara who still calls me every Sunday to make sure I'm alive.
She makes me a better person.
She encourages me as much as my  husband does!!
I love you, Tara!
 Taylor and "Crazy" Maize.
A true friend dresses like a nerd with you and walks the neighborhood.
(Love you Maize!)
 Morgan, Taylor's BFF.
Morgan is the kind of girl that makes you feel like a better person
because you have been around her.
We miss our dear Morgan 
(I love her like my own, too!)
Friend Michelle who spent several races
(and training runs) watching me slip behind a bush
to go to the bathroom.  
And she loves the Twilight
series as much as I do!

Ah, what would life be without our good friends?
I love all my friends, past, present and future.

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