Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 11 Reasons...

Why I love my hubby (besides the obvious):

He puts the trash cans out on garbage day so I don't have to.

He squeegees the shower - almost all the time.

I can beat him at Guitar Hero.

He runs with me (actually ahead of me, but we usually end at the same place).

He lets me cut his hair, even though I don't always do a great job.

He buys me chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite food).

He does dishes - without being asked!

He plays catch with the boy.

He loves to travel as much as I do - and doesn't complain about spending money to go somewhere.

He loves Nickelback as much as I do and will take me to their concerts.

He'll watch stupid movies with me (Nacho Libre - "I love it, it's the best!")

Yeah, I know. I'm pretty lucky.

(I chose 11 because of another favorite movie - a "rocumentary" called Spinal Tap - "It goes to 11, man.")


Laura said...

That was great! You are Chris are one of the cutest couples I know! Congrats on a wonderful relationship!

tam said...

Ditto to everything Laura two are such a cute couple! It's awesome!!

Lisa said...

Right on Christine! It's so refreshing to hear about happy couples - way too much contention in most families!!