Friday, March 20, 2009

Jonas Brothers

Saw the Jonas Brothers' 3D Concert Movie yesterday (Ashlie's choice). It totally rocked and I know so much about the Jonas Brothers! For those of you with tween girls, let me break it down for you. JB consists of Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas (all brothers-hence the name). They write and perform their own songs and lyrics. Nick plays the guitar and the drums, as well as vocals. Joe (the cute one, mom) is the lead singer and does a little on the drums. Kevin plays bass and does vocals as well. I think that is it. Ashlie provided commentary throughout the movie. Wow - what an experience. I felt like I was at a real JB concert! (I actually have been - when they came with Hannah Montana - yes I paid $60 a ticket to see her.) Boy bands, not my thing. I'm a rocker, through and through (courtesy "Joe Dirt" - another fave movie.)


Elizabeth said...

I happen to think that Nick is the cute one. Just love those curls!

Char said...

I'm so glad Macy does not enjoy Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers....yet.

And I'm with Elizabeth. If I HAD to pick which one was cutest, I'd pick Nick.

Casey said...

You are a GREAT sport!