Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashlie

My baby girl turns 10 today! A few fun facts about Ashlie . . .

She plays the violin - very well, I might add. (I do not, cannot, have no desire to learn. It is too hard!)

Ashlie loves to sleep in- she is NOT a morning person.

Ashlie was nicknamed Gooby for the first few years of her life. Taylor (big sister) gave her this name at birth. When my mom asked her why she called her Gooby, she looked at my mom like she was a complete idiot and said, "Because she is a good baby..." (with the total tone of "duh, grandma" in her voice). I will never forget that. . .it was hilarious. (We kept saying what a good baby Ashlie was compared to her older sister).

Ashlie is the most like me of all my kids - our tempers (very short) are the same. We have the same long fingers and the same tummy (mine is just much, much larger than hers).

Ashlie loves to eat orange chicken (homemade). It is her favorite meal. She also loves candy, ice cream and pizza - as well as anything chocolate (again, just like her mom).

Ashlie loves the colors purple and pink. She is my hawaiian girl. She loves flowers, beach and palm trees (definitely, absolutely, completely like her mom).

Ashlie loves to hike and climb - unlike her older sister. She will crawl up any rock she can find, big enough to crawl on, of course.

I have been asked, several times, if my daughters have the same father (I know, a totally tacky thing to ask someone) because they do not look alike AT ALL.

Ashlie got to be my baby for four years - man, I miss those days.

Kids grow like weeds - turn your back to them for a short moment and they turn 10! I can't even imagine what my life would be without my darling Ashlie. I love her so, so much! (Yes, I am teary as I write this.)


Kaarina said...

I still swear that Ashlie and Braden should have been twins! Love that sweet girl...Happy Birthday Ash!

The Blanchard's said...

I loved this post! Ashlie is such a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Ashlie!

Char said...

Happy birthday, Ashlie!

TheSainOnes said...

Happy Birthday Ashlie, I hope you had a great day.My, how you have grown you are a beautiful girl. I miss seeing your cute face.