Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adventures in Beantown

Greetings from Boston, Mass! I am in Beantown for the week visiting my sis. We are doing everything tourist that we can do. Here is our first day adventures... Maine via New Hampshire. I hit three states in one day!This is a lighthouse in York, Maine that we stopped at. The coastline is amazing - different from anything I have ever seen.We stopped in Kennebunkport and had lobster and clams for dinner. Delicious - but it didn't agree with me. I had a pretty rough night. I won't share the disgusting details.

The Maine coastline at sunset. Cool place. Stay tuned - tomorrow is Salem and downtown Boston.
It is freezing here! The wind off the ocean is ICE COLD! But beautiful, nonetheless.


Char said...

Totally jealous. That part of the country is somewhere I'd love to go. And, NO KIDS. How would that be?

Mikki said...

I am looking forward to the pictures of New York... I want to go back so bad but for longer.. Have so much fun.