Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay, here is the story on the socks and Cameron - this is why he is so fascinated. He saw my sister knitting when she was visiting for Thanksgiving, and was really fascinated. He kept watching her, then finally asked "do you know how to make kids' socks?". When she said yes, he asked, "do you know how to make orange ones?" She said yes again, and he thought about that for a bit. Then he said, "I have an idea. Could you make socks that are orange and for kids? And I like red and green stripes too." Hilarious.


Flockhart Family said...

Those are awesome. It is so funny how attached kids get to things. MacRae wears a Yankees hat all the time, but only backwards. I guess it could be worse, at least its not the same underwear.

Char said...

You can't blame a kid for wanting his socks to be *exactly* right!