Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Part II

 Day II of our Halloween Extravaganza started with two "dirty" hobos
Cam and BF Keller came up with these fabulous little numbers on their own.
We got up EXTRA early so we could be to school early for the annual Halloween Parade
Okay, we really got up early so we could get a parking spot at the school.
 I ran into these two characters while waiting for the parade...
Have to say, these are some of the best costumes I have seen in a long, long time.
Plus, I think these two boys are too cute for words.
 And, really, what is there to say about these?  Other than I think these are the most amazing costumes I have seen, EVER.  Thanks to Char at Crap I've Made for her sharing her amazing talent with my daughter!  Hands down the best costume she will EVER have.
 We sat through the ENTIRE parade (an hour, total).  But it was well worth it to see this dirty little hobo...
 And the Energizer Bunny...
 And Cookie Monster
(these were some of my favorite costumes this year)
 Next, our dirty hobos were off to get some candy at the neighborhood "Trunk" or Treat...
Of course, Tay didn't want to be left out.  We can't decide if she is a ninja or a football player or just plain weird.

And that ends day II of Halloween Extravaganza.
Not one piece of candy was consumed by me today. 
And it almost killed me.
More to come tomorrow...

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