Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Two

 Today is lower body - meaning legs and butt (I am already sore).  I spent 45 minutes on lower body then a two mile run.  My trainer suggested not running a long distance after a leg workout - it is possible to do more damage than good.  I doubt I run far or hard enough to qualify for that.

I am eating what my trainer calls 'clean'.  Lean protein sources - fish, chicken, turkey, non-starch vegetables and healthy fat (olive oil, almond butter) for each meal.  At lunch I add 1/2  a sweet potato.  Dinner is protein, fat and lots and lots of vegetables.  Processed food makes me feel fat and bloated, so I stay away from it.  Also, he suggests eating every two to three hours - between meals have a snack of fruit and nuts (12 almonds, to be precise).  I also use a protein bar for an afternoon snack so I can get in my chocolate fix.

Happy training - I hope someone out there is reading this!

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