Friday, October 8, 2010

Campbell Cupcakes

Meet Campbell.  I love him - and ADORE him.  He's been my buddy since he was 18 months old (now he's 4).  My good friend Char (his mom) lets me borrow him now and again.  My baby is 7, almost 8, and I miss having my little guy around.  So this day I borrowed Campbell and we made cupcakes.

Campbell and I share a similar fascination/adoration/respect for the cupcake.  Campbell likes them because "they are easier to eat than cake - you just get to hold it in your hand!"  So smart!  I like them because - well, because they are delicious!  And I think the hold it in your hand thing has something really going for forks, plates...genius!
Campbell went to the store that morning and bought us extra special, fancy Halloween sprinkles for our cupcakes.

We baked our cupcakes - this is the first time my cupcakes did not come out disgusting - Campbell must be magic!  He did tell me his mom taught him special cupcake skills.  Knowing his mom, I totally believe it.

The finished product - with two extra specials cakes for hims (his word) mom and dad.

Campbell, thanks for a great afternoon (and some delicious cupcakes)!!

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Casey said...

So cute you spent that time with him!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

He loves his Kristine.

Thanks for keeping me from killing him.

Wendy said...

What a nice post :) I'm smiling from ear to ear (: