Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween - Part 1

And so begins my love/hate relationship with Halloween.  I love the pumpkins, the costumes, the fall-ness of it all.  Love, love, love. 
What is there to hate, you ask?

The Candy.  I am a candy addict.  ADDICT.  I LOVE candy, all kinds of candy.  I have no self control when it comes to candy. (doesn't help I have added 15 pounds in the last 2 weeks)
And so here begins my three day love/hate Halloween weekend extravaganza!
(read each day and you will understand what I mean by extravaganza - you will be shocked and amazed at how many Halloween things this family can do in three days!!)

Carving pumpkins...

Everyone is involved...
And LOVING it!!
 This is one of my loves - LOVE carving the pumpkins....
The finished product...

The Boy and his masterpiece. 
 This is the first year he did the whole thing BY HIMSELF!! 
(Can you see the pride oozing from his smile?)
Stay tuned for day two of our weekend Halloween extravaganza!!

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