Friday, October 8, 2010

Days Three, Four and Five

Day three - upper body weights 1 hour, run 3 miles.

Day Four - should have done lower body, but was running late, so ran 2 miles (without stopping and in 19:58 - a best for me in almost a year)

Day Five - Rest - long run tomorrow.  I am not going to do weights or a run (mostly because I am behind on my studying, lab paper and midterm prep), but will do an hour of pilates.  Told (of course, by my trainer) pilates are GREAT for runners - they lengthen and strengthen muscles without a lot off stress.  I am a HUGE fan of pilates!

The plan for tomorrow is to run a long run of 4 long miles (if you can call that a long run) then rest on Sunday.

 Start the week over on Monday, increasing the length of each run gradually.  You can email me or leave a comment if you want the training schedule.  I will not bore you (if anyone is actually reading this) with the whole 12 week schedule.  I think it would bore me to write it!

I have one midterm a week in October - two in one week.  Running and lifting helps me deal a little better with the stress.  Not a lot, but a little. 

May all your runs be good ones!

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