Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ode to Mom

Mom, Laura (sister), Me, Stacie (sister), Taylor (my kid), Abbi (niece)

My Mom...

Taught me the proper way to clean a bathroom, balance a checkbook and make a bed

Always says yes to babysitting (even when I think she doesn't want to)

Can make dinner out of ANYTHING - and have it taste good

Does not waste leftovers

Keeps party supplies on hand so we can always have a party at her house

Thanks, Mom


Casey said...

Nice things to say about your Mom, I know you are a great Mom too!

TheSainOnes said...

Thanks goodness for Mom's they make our life wonderful. And you are a Great one! We need to go out we can go anytime we just need to talk. call me 259-7405. Hope you are feling better.