Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Tulum, Cancun in 2005
Chris and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on Monday. We were both sick, so it wasn't much of a celebration. We will celebrate in two weeks in Cancun.

Fun facts:

We met on a SWA flight to San Diego.

We both went by the name of Chris (Kris) when we met.

We got married in the SL Temple and had a reception at the Old Meeting House.

We got married on my sister's 16th birthday (horrible, I know).

We went to Maui on our honeymoon.

We have 3 kids, two of which look EXACTLY like Chris did as a child (Taylor and Cameron.) (I would swear Ashlie was adopted if I hadn't been there.)

I have had people stop me at the grocery store and ask me if my kids all had the same "baby daddy" (I didn't actually know what that meant.) Creepy, huh?
Chris is my best friend and I love his guts even more now than when I married him!!

Wow, 14 years has flown by. I'm sure the next 14 will, too.


Char said...

Happy anniversary!

Ioane said...

Oh Cancun will be so much fun!!
I once met a guy on a SWA flight from SL to Phoenix. he got my number, we went on one date. Didn't work out for glad it did for you!!!!
Oh and Do all your kids have the same "baby daddy"? LOLOLOLOLOL Just kidding!

The Vreeken Family said...

Congrats on you anniversary!

Casey said...


Mikki said...

Happy happy happy anniversary. You 2 are amazing. You are the Perfect couple..

tam said...

Happy Anniversary! 14 years...that's awesome!!! Have fun in Cancun!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ok....obviously when Ioane commented on meeting a guy you realized that Elizabeth was accidentally signed in under her husbands account!@!!!! LOL

Flockhart Family said...

Congrats! That gives me hope to make it that long, and still adore eachother.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you are both feeling well again ASAP.