Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today's adventure included corn. Again, I will post pictures when I get home. We found a lady selling corn on the malecon (street). Being the Nacho Libre fans that we are, we had to get some. ("This is where they sell the best corn in the city") First, she rubs the corn with a lime. Second, she salts the corn. Next she covers the corn in mayonesa (mayonaise). Then she covers the mayonesa with queso (cheese) and sprinkles it with red pepper. She adds a stick and hands it to us. Straight from her bare hands to our mouth. Competely freaked out about germs at this point, so I made Chris eat it first. He said if he gets Swine Flu from corn, then I have to get it, too. So I sank my teeth into the possibly germ-infested corn. It actually tasted pretty good. (I only took one bite - just to say I tried it.)

On another note, my toes finally found the ocean (after five LONG days of not touching the sand or the ocean - completely different story). Chris took a 2 hour snorkel tour off the coast of Tulum for 150 pesos (approx. 12 US). Said it was the best snorkel spot he has ever been to. He has been to quite a few, so it must have been good. He didn't put on sunscreen, however, and ended up frying himself COMPLETELY. Sucks to be him right now! (I am sunburn free, thanks for asking.)

Again, will post a pic if I get to come home. I am trying to think of a good name for my possible tortilla business.

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