Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beantown Adventures Days 5 and 6

My last two days in Boston - I went to Fenway Park to buy hats, banners and other Red Sox paraphanelia for my hubby, kids and nephew . . .I took 35 pictures of Fenway Park and the Babe Ruth statue...

I then walked the hallowed halls of Harvard University in Cambridge.

And took photos of buildings and statues and went to the Harvard Book Store.

I finished up the vacation walking the Freedom Trail in Boston (in the pouring, blowing rain). It was compeltely, totally worth it, though, to see the Revoluationary War sites. I just wish I could have spent more time there NOT being frozen.

On to the airport where my flight was delayed by two hours. But it was worth it to see this beautiful sunset. I made my connection in Denver with seconds to spare. The suitcase did not. Oh well. It couldn't all be perfect, could it?

Good to be home. Thanks for reading.


Char said...

Totally and completely jealous of your trip!

Thanks for saving me with the pictures of Keller yesterday!

Elizabeth said...

I, too, am totally jealous!!! What a fun trip! One I would like to take one of these days. The only thing I would have done different...........
Instead of visiting Fenway Park, I would have made a trip to Yankee Stadium (even if it is under construction).
It saddens me to learn that you and your family route for the Red Soxs!!!! This could cause major problems in our friendship! LOLOLOL

Flockhart Family said...

I am with Elizabeth. We were getting along so well, until I heard this devastating news. I do want to go to Fenway though, to watch them loose to the Yankees.

Casey said...

You are an awesome narrator! Glad you are home!