Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zion Morning

Now that Zions National Park is in our backyard, we decided it was time to pay the Park a visit.
So we donned our sunscreen and loaded up the car at 7 AM
(We must be morning people)

We bought our annual pass and were ready to hike!

Cam has been climbing and collecting rocks since the day he could walk.
No rock collecting allowed in the Park.
THAT was painful for Cam!  I had to keep policing his pockets for "stolen" rocks.
However, he is welcome to climb on all the rocks his little heart desires.
Cam has yet to find a rock he DOESN'T want to climb on...

Here we are - on the trailhead to the 3 pools.
It cooled to 103 degrees today, so we decided to limit our activities
to two hikes for the day.  We started with the 3 pools and ended
with the trail to the beginning of the narrows.

This is the view of the upper pool.  It is beautiful - but no swimming is allowed in the pool.
Which is too bad because it looked so refreshing after this sweat-drenching hike!

A view of the sky above the upper pool.
I am amazed at the beauty of the rocks and the sheer cliffs.

Another rock...

Coming down from the 3 pools - on, you guessed it, a rock!

I just thought this made a beautiful picture.
Even though we couldn't find a rock for Cam to climb for this pic.
Below - the water cascading off the middle pool.

I can't believe we get to live in this beautiful area!

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