Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday, House and Hoodlums


Happy 4th of July (a day late)!!

I love this great country. I love all those that defend my freedoms.
I'm grateful for the freedoms I have.

Here's how we celebrated in our new hometown

There was a super awesome (not) fair going on at Werthon Park so we hung out there for approximately five minutes. Then we walked to the St George temple grounds and took some photos.

We went to a movie (Cars 2 - super awesome!), ate some food and had a generally lazy day.
(Think sleeping until 11 AM)
We went back to rockin' Werthon Park where we waited for 2 hours for a fireworks show.

Cameron, being the PERFECT little brother that he is, enjoyed annoying his sisters.

That was about it. We went home, went to bed. Super exciting! I think we'll go to the cabin next year...


Thursday night someone thought it would be funny to throw fireworks on our boat.  Little did they know, it melted through the cover, landed on the seat of the bough and went off.  This is the damage it left...most came off in the claning (that took us 5 hours of major scrubbing, thank you very much!) but we will still need to reupholster the bough of the boat.  Karma will find you, you hoodlums!!


On another note, I finally got around to taking photos of the new house.

This is the entryway - super exciting, I know!

The living room. Though it barely fits a piano, so I don't know - does it qualify as a living room??

The gathering place - AKA where al the kids hang out and make mama crazy!

Another view...

The kitchen - where all the culinary magic happens (NOT!!)

Master bath - (couldn't include a picture of the master bedroom.
I washed the sheets today and didn't get around to making the bed yet)

All in all, we are settling in nicely. The weather is beautiful and HOT (I like, dear husband hates). The neighbors are friendly, the town is slow-paced and fairly quiet. We love those aspects, but miss our SL family, friends and neighbors. I guess we miss the ease and comfort that comes with having roots in one place. Guess it just takes a while to fit in!!

Countdown until school starts - 48 DAYS
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Wendy said...

We miss you, too! And that sucks about the vandalism on the boat! Do you have any idea who did it? You definitely should make a police report!

The Blanchard's said...

What a beautiful house! I am so happy you posted some pictures, I can't wait to see it in person. Sorry about your boat, that totally blows! I hope you can catch those hoodlums! Hope to see you guys soon!

P.s. Halle keeps on asking for Sashly...

kir said...

Oh, cute Kristine! We sooo miss the Robinson's!! Thanks so much for letting Miss Morg come on down south to enjoy the lovely St. George sun with you--we miss our Taylor coming over to play...
I am so sorry about the boat, total grrrr...