Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Few Adventures

A few fun adventures here in St. George - it all started when my BFF
came to visit and had some business in Cali.
She took me along for the ride.
It just so happens her last name is Matheson -
so I had to take this picture for her. We drove to Vegas...

Stopped in Barstow for some gas and a much
needed potty break. Barstow - what a welcoming town!

We ended up in Newport Beach where we ever so briefly
enjoyed a senior citizen lawn bowling tournament. After some shopping at Fashion Square
and our fab lunch at my favorite, the Cheesecake Factory, we headed home.

The amazing sunset just outside of Vegas. What a wonderful 24 hours we spent
gabbing and chatting as only best friends can do on a wonderful adventure!

Of course, we now live 20 minutes from Sand Hollow, our own mini Lake Powell (and I do mean mini!!) We grabbed our awesome St. George cousins (who put the St. George bug in our ears many, many moons ago) and hit the water to cool off. It was a balmy 106 this particular summer day.

The water was rough, so it was perfect for tubing.
We had hours of fun trying to whip the kids off the tube.

Of course, I always need a picture of this little guy...
When he was two, he would ask his dad if we could go "boat on".
Still love to think about that...

We got Cam out on the tube - after his dad PROMISED he would not go fast
and would not dump him off like he did with the big kids!

Then the clouds rolled in and the water started whitecapping.
 So we got off the lake and ended that fun adventure.

And finally, our last adventure included visits from some of my favorite people~ Morgan and my little Abbi.
Morgan (Tay's BFF) came and spent a wonderful 24-hours with us. 
We cried a little when she left.

Then Abbie and her sisters came to hang out with me for a few days.
So good to see family that we miss dearly.

St. George is a fun place to live. I enjoy the heat most days!!
I am getting used to the slower pace and the lack of rush hour traffic.
I am not getting used to stores closing at 8:00 at night (Papa Murphy's, grrrr).
People are friendly and the bugs are really, really big!

I still don't get to run - but I am working with a new doc
who is hopeful she might have some answers for me.
I am crossing my fingers and running a little bit (as in one to two miles)
I have discovered "HOT" yoga (I don't know the official word for it)
but it doesn't give me the same sense of accomplishment running does.

To all my friends training for the St. George marathon - you rock!!
And Veyo is waiting for you ...

That's all of our adventures for now.

Countdown to the school adventure - 30 days!!
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