Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School

First day of school is always exciting -
especially when you are in a new town
with a new school and new friends!

This girl was the first one to leave - big 7th grader!
Ashlie went to Intermediate School (here it is 6th and 7th with NO LOCKERS!)
Nerves abounded the night before about not finding classes,
Being tardy and being a loner - (none of which happened!)
Happy to report all was well upon her return.
Classes were found and friends were made.

Next to go is this great, big 10th Grader!
That's right, my very first, almost 15 (as of tomorrow) little girl
Started Desert Hills High School!
Because this girl has such a great personality,
She wasn't too worried or scared, just normal nervousness.
Her first words when she walked in the door?
"Mom, there are tons of hot guys in my school!"
I'm guessing - SUCCESS!!

Last to go is this little guy - my very not so little baby!
Cam started 3rd Grade at Little Valley Elementary.
In true Mom fashion, Cam and I headed off to school!
We went to his new school to find his new classroom and
meet his new teacher, Ms. Karratti (super cool name!)
After saying HI to teacher, this boy drops his backpack,
Kisses his mom goodbye and heads out to play.
Being the mom that I am, I stay put, watching from the classroom.
Cam stands out on the blacktop, arms folded,
HUGE smile on his face, looking for friends.

Of course, I start bawling. And I can't stop.
Mom guilt overtakes me for taking my babies
from their friends and making them start over.

The bell rang and I finally had to leave -
I didn't want my kid known as the new kid
Who's mom stands in the back of the class crying like an idiot.

Normally, I have my BFF Michelle with me on the first day of school.
We take the kids, cry because they are growing too big
Then we go for a run.
Not today. I was solo in my sadness. I missed you, Michelle!
(I hate crying alone and the WAH (work-at-home) hubby doesn't understand.)

Happy to report it was a good day.
He even found a friend to sit with at lunch!
(Every mom's nightmare to have her kid be the one sitting alone at lunch, right?)

3 down, 1 to go.
This mom starts school on Monday.

Happy (and GOOD LUCK!) Back to School wishes to all our
SL friends and family!

Coesters, we miss walking with you dearly!

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