Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School Stuff

Yes, the kids are still in school. I'm not complaining - wait, yes I am! Don't worry, I will be complaining in a week that they are home!
Here's what they've been doing . . .

Ashlie became a 'Great Brain' on Russia - thanks to her fabulous grandma that spent two whole days with her - educating her on all things Russia! (Grandma's rock - mom was studying chemistry)

Cameron was the super talented, completely orange lizard in his school play. When it comes to lizards, this boy can act!

Cameron and best bud Keller. What would we do without our favorite Keller? Cameron's mom would go crazy, that's what!

Ashlie and Madeline in the school play. Ashlie was "some dude nobody ever heard of" in her class rendition of "Constitution Survivor"

Then there's Tay - the only kid NOT in school. She became a super styling non-makeup wearing pioneer for a few days. She came home with a great appreciation of beds, showers and flushing toilets!Posted by Picasa