Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay, I have a few questions for you, my fellow bloggers.

Here they are:

Where is the best place to camp at Lake Powell? Boat in spots??
(going to sneak down there for a few days in July and leave the chemistry books home)

Where do you recommend visiting on a vacation to Florida?
In all my travels, I have never been there!!
(City, preferably not Orlando, something near beautiful beaches, kid friendly)

Does anyone know a chemistry tutor?

Any response is appreciated!!


Wendy said...

Dear Kristine,
I can't help on the lake powell....i've never been there! But I lived in Florida for a short time. I'm mostly familiar with the Keys and they are fantastic! But, no kidding, the beaches in Florida are wonderful. Warm water, pristine sand. One of the best places to swim in the ocean! But, beware, if you go in Aug, Sep, or into Oct. you can hit hurricane season. In that case you'd probably want to go to the Tampa side of Florida. There are beautiful little places along that coast.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

We kept our boat at Bullfrog, so most of my Lake Powell life started and ended there.

My parents used to live in Cape Coral (near Ft Myers, on the gulf side) and it was fabulous.

Mikki said...

Here is the lo-down on Lake Powell... If you are staying in a tent, or trailer, Wahweep is the place to go. campround, and more camping spots on the lake (more of an Arizona lanscaping) If you want Houseboat or hotel then Bullfrog is prettier and your place to go. Also closer. So it really depends on how you are planning on sleeping down there. . There aren't as many beaches at Bullfrog because it is more "mountainis" where Wahweep is more dessert. Have fun though, we are headed down there on Wednesday (Wahweep) because we are taking our trailer.. In august we are headed down on a house boat and going to Bullfrog. Hope that helps. 2nd, the 2 times I went to Florida it was to go to DisneyWorld.... So we stayed at disneyland hotels, so no help in that part. It's humid and I HATE HUMIDITY!!!! I can not express that enough... And on the Chemistry tutor stuff..... You are on your own for that!!! Sorry.

Elizabeth said...

Wendy is right......the keys are fabulous!!! I also enjoy Melborne. Pretty beaches. Get a hotel ON the beach! Over around the Tampa area is great AND close to Bush Gardens. I know Florida fairly well. Where I grew up, in Gerogia, is only a mile from the Florida border. We spent lots of time there. Let me know if you have any questions.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. If you decide to do's close to the Kennedy Space Center.....if that interests you at all.

Kristine Robinson said...

Thank you, everyone! Thinking trip is the way to go instead of christmas gifts. Tired of giving everything away a month after Christmas!