Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Do You Do??

What do you do at the cabin when it rains the ENTIRE WEEKEND and there is so much mud you can't even get your car up to the cabin? You have grandpa meet you at the bottom on the four wheeler and haul all your stuff up through the mud (really enjoyed cleaning off all the food)
You hold baby Halle until she can't stand you anymore! (Seriously, the best baby I have ever seen! Niece Halle - Jill and Ben's latest miracle)

You play hair and make-up artist on grandma (the only person willing to let Taylor touch her hair AND makeup!)

You take a break from studying Biology (barf!) and make funny camera faces with the boy. It entertained him for at least 10 minutes - seriously!

You play Phase 10 and snack on everything until your eyes go cross-eyed and your stomach gurgles in protest.

You let Will and Cameron eat candy until they bounce so hard off the walls they pass out!
Another fun-filled, wet weekend at the cabin. In spite of the mud that clings to EVERYTHING (including the dog), we had a great time. Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was (dry) fun, too!


Char said...

The weather this weekend SUCKED! Kinda made me glad we stayed home and did nothing. Well, we cleaned out kid closets, but that doesn't really count.

Mikki said...

I'm so glad you had fun. You all needed a weekend away. But seriously are you EVER coming back to church???? Just kidding. I'm glad you went and had a good time... Now back to the FUN temple dedication... Oh the insanity...

The Blanchard's said...

That was so much fun! We really need to go again when the weather is better. Hope your test goes well on Thursday!

Kaarina said...

Well...you know how I love mud! Wish we could have come with you guys...looks like you had fun in spite of the rain!