Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kids Say . . .

Real conversation between Cameron and Michelle Birch -

You know, sugar makes my mom fat. She can only eat sugar free stuff. You probably shouldn't give her those cookies. But sugar is okay for me.

Real conversation between Cameron and Jill Blanchard [his aunt] -

Jill - Cameron, do you watch sports with your dad?

Cameron - Not really.

Jill - Does your dad like sports?

Cameron - Well, he pretty much only likes watching women cage fighting.

Jill - Huh.

[Cameron came in one night while Chris and I were watching the women's lightweight world title boxing match on TV. I was joking about the women cage fighters. Be careful - you never know what your kids will interpret!]


Mikki said...

That is hilarious... Hope you had a good day away from primary. It was eventful.. Happy mothers day.

The Blanchard's said...

He is a crackup!!! Got to love Cam!

Char said...

Doesn't everyone love women cage fighting?