Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris

My dear husband celebrates his birthday today. To celebrate we worked on the basement bathroom and then went to Sushi Yah (thanks for the referral Ammon!) and had sushi. Now he is off at meetings for the rest of the night. Oh well. It gives me time to blog about him!

Under a palapa in Cancun, Mexico (minus swine flu)

The only time Chris will EVER drive a minivan!

The beach at Tulum in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Happy Birthday Chris!
Fun facts about Chris:
He is the oldest of 5 children.
He looks NOTHING like his brothers and sisters.
He has a fear of driving minivans. He has only driven one on vacation (see photo above).
He is not a fan of chocolate, but loves brownies (whatever!)
He only likes vanilla ice cream.
Apparently, the only sport he enjoys watching is women cage fighting (see post earlier this week).
Cameron says he smiles A LOT.
Happy Birthday, Chris!


Mikki said...

Tell you hubby Happy Birthday.. He is an amazing person. I wish I knew him better than I do. But what I do know, you are one lucky girl. You guys make a great couple, and are amazing parents.

Casey said...

Happy Birthday!

Char said...

Happy birthday!

The Blanchard's said...

Happy Birthday Chris. You are such an awesome brother! Love you.