Sunday, September 18, 2011


Because I have an obsession with Utah football 
(I really think I might be flirting with OCD - not sure.  
Should probably talk to someone about that...) 
My dear sister offered me two of her season tickets 
to witness history at the BYU / UTAH game in Provo.  
I had to do dental stuff all morning, so we made a mad dash 
(FOUR HOUR DRIVE) to the stadium before the game.
That's the kind of commitment I have to my football team!!

We were right in time for the posting of the colors -
one of my FAVORITE parts of the pre-game procedures!

 Then the game got underway...
 This is my brother-in-law Blaine.  He is one of the most 
COMMITTED BYU fans I have ever met!  
We had a great time bantering back and forth about our teams...
(We all know who came out victorious)

 My nephew, Braxten, also an extremely COMMITTED BYU fan.  
Tonight he was wearing his 15-signature commemorative BYU jersey 
(fanatical?  Maybe a little - that's why I love him!)

 My dear sister, Laura, after Utah made their third 
(or fourth or fifth?  I lost track) touchdown.  
She desperately wanted to leave, but she stayed, 
suffered through the pain, agony and humiliation 
so I could fully enjoy watching my team PULVERIZE  hers!
 A snap of the scoreboard - before another 2 touchdowns were made - 
I was so excited with the outcome I forgot to snap a photo of the final score!
Which was 54 to 10, in case you missed it.
(Yes, Utah won)
 Just enjoying the pure fun of winning
 We were smiles all night - what Ute wouldn't be?
We ended the night watching the Utah marching band do their victory lap around the stadium.
What a fabulous night -
Winning feels so, so good.

Thank you, Laura and Blaine, for a wonderful night
(and much needed break!)

How I love my Utah football!


YarnGlutton said...

Looks like a cool game. Sorry I missed it. Did the kids come too, or just the crazy fans :)?

Kristine Robinson said...

Just us CRAZY fans. So fun to win away!!

Mom of 12 said...

That's so awesome! I graduated from the U in 1986. Seems like forever ago.