Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Random Photos

Birthday Dinner - Taylor's favorite meal is Orange Chicken from 
Cheesecake Factory (didn't feel like driving to Vegas to go there)
I made my own version - I was so proud of the presentation 
(Darin always says you eat with your eyes first, right?) I had to show it off...

Taylor's bestie Morgan came down from SL to surprise her 
(thanks for bringing her, Morgan's Dad!)
It was a feast for all!

We ended the birthday celebration with, what else, 
but a cheesecake! (Should have made the drive to CF for that one...)

Our St George family gathered for this fine birthday finale of pizza, ice cream and cheesecake.

Happy (belated) 15th Birthday, Taylor!!

With Sand Hollow so close, we head out at least one night a week. 
This week Cam got super brave and did a little cliff jumping with his friends. 
Funny how friends can make you so much braver!

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