Thursday, March 3, 2011

What If...

Yes, the rumors are mostly true.  I did receive acceptance into the Dixie State Dental Hygiene Program (one of 20 accepted!!).  No, we are not moving April 1st, but it looks like a move to sunny Dixie is in our near future.  We've decided to keep our house here (know anyone wanting to rent?) and rent in Dixie.

Apparently (according to my middle child) I am ruining everyone's life and eating all their steak (Napoleon).

Haven't sent in the acceptance letter yet.  I have until April 1st. 

What if we hate it? 
What if we don't fit in? 
What if my kids don't fit in? 
What if my kids don't find awesome friends like they have here? 
What if,
What if,
What if??


Heather said...

We would move to St. George in a second if Lance could find a job down there!!! We LOVE St. George!! The nice thing is you are keeping your house so if you decide you don't like it you can always come back:) Good luck (and enjoy the beautiful weather)!!

Wendy said...

Oh no?! You'll come back here when you are done? That is awesome that you were accepted, though! Good for you!!!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

You really are ruining my life.

Casey said...

You will do great and be great wherever you are!

Morgan said...

Kristine This is Morgan Goff(:
I would very much enjoy if you did not move. I will be SO SAD! Don't move:) I will miss you guys way too too much!

Good Buy Consignment said...

So impressed with your success getting into Dixie. So sorry that you will be moving - even if it is temporary. The kids will make new friends and so will you, learn to meditate in the mean time.