Saturday, March 19, 2011

This Very Day

12 years ago, this very day, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl 
we choose to name Ashlie Makay Robinson.

Ashlie loves flowers. (She wears one most every day!)

 She is a delightful child and a blessing to her family!
She loves to bake (like her mom).  
She loves to help her mom with anything  
She is the most like her mom of any of her siblings.

Happy 12th Birthday sweet girl!

Some fond memories of Ashlie...
Our Flower Child = Ashlie loved flowers and would pick them everywhere we went!
Taylor and her "Gooby".  She called Ashlie Gooby
 because we always talketd about what a Good Baby she was!
Gooby in her blessing outfit made by her Aunt Kathy
Our family in 2003  Ashlie was 4!!

Ashlie and Taylor at Easter 2001

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Casey said...

Happy Birthday!!!