Thursday, March 3, 2011

That Funny Boy

Two really funny Cam stories:

First - after getting baptized and having his very OWN set of scriptures, he and I have the following conversation:

Cam - "Mom, you know I'm a member of the Church now, right?"
Mom - "yes"
Cam - "I think that means I should read the Book of Mormon, right?"
Mom - "Sure."
Cam - "Some words are too big for me.  Don't you think that's your job to read it to me?"
Mom - "Uh, yeah."

Another funny story:
A neighbor gave Cam and Chris tickets to meet the Jazz players at the last minute.  Cam was thrilled, took his Jazz jersey and hat to have signed.  He tells his friend the next day.  This is their conversation:

Cam - "I got to meet the Jazz last night.  I got Kirilenko's autograph!"
Friend - "Kirilenko's not so great.  Now, if it were Kobe, then maybe I'd care."
I am still laughing about this!!!

Kids are hilarious.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

That "friend" needs his butt kicked.

Kristine Robinson said...

No he doesn't! I love it!!!!