Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Utah Football

Utah v TCU - otherwise known as THE WORST DAY EVER

It was cool to be there - for the first 5 minutes of the  game. 
Then we realized our team wasn't going to show up. 
So we sat in misery for the next 3 hours.
It was like a bad train wreck.  It was so awful, we couldn't look away.
I still love my Utes.
Maybe they got too big for their britches and had to have a massive, publicly humiliating reality check.
I don't know. 
I still love you, my Mighty Utes. 
And I still  love you, Jordan Wynn.

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Mikki said...

Man you got tickets??? Who was the nice nice nice person that sold those to you???? Ha ha..

Tyler decided to sell our extra ticket and we sold it the day before the game for $200.. can you believe it. For one game and we SUCKED!!! Do you think the guy was mad he payed so much and then got that for a game??? HA ha, oh well.