Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Santa

Check this out!  I got this idea from my friend Char
That's right - dry erase letters to Santa!
Love her brilliant idea.
Love even more that it was easy enough for me to duplicate!!
Click on the link above for directions.

Now that there is snow on the ground and only
3 weeks until I am done with fall semester,
I am feeling in the Christmas mood!
Or in the Christmas spirit? 
Not sure the right saying for that...
But hopefully you know what I mean!

Snowing - BEFORE Thanksgiving
Almost makes me grateful I got Mono
and didn't plan a Thanksgiving day race
(Enjoy, Uncle Randy!)

 The snow is beautiful coming down.
But I only like it for a few days. 
I am afraid it is going to be a LONG winter!
Thank heaven for treadmills
I was cleared on Tuesday to start running again.