Saturday, November 27, 2010

Best Game EVER!!

Had the Fam over for a friendly game of football watching - 
My Mighty Utes v BYU.  Never leave a BYU fan unattended...

 Some interesting  snow art
 My favorite BYU fans
 We've been cougared!
 Anyone who knows me knows why this is HILARIOUS - hanging outside my house. 
And my Utah flag was hijacked!
 Taylor and Aunt Laura
 A little team spirit - cookie style!
 Tia upset AFTER a mighty Utah win
 Cousins, rivals, friends in the end
The cutest Ute fan ever!

Thanks for a fun evening family! ( Even if I did spend HOURS cleaning up blue streamers off the lawn, cougar prints on my windows, Max Hall signs on my garage, Y flags on my door...)

Oh, and in case you weren't watching - 
My Utes WON!!!!!

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