Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moab XC (Xtreme Challenge)

We spent the weekend in Moab for the Moab XC - which stands for Extreme Challenge. Extreme challenge it was! Just the boys ran this year - I am still out of commission. A litte info on the XC - it is trail running. Five miles in red sand to the top of a mountain. Then the course takes you across the mountain top for a few miles. After that, you head STRAIGHT down the mountain through rocks and boulders. Then you reach the wash - which is full of freezing cold, waist-deep water for about a mile. After the mile, you get to run 3 more miles in sand WITH WET SHOES! Finally, the last 1/2 miles is uphill on a dirt road. 13 miles in all. Definitely not a race for wimps!
Here are a few of the highlights . . .Men in tights - Uncles Gary, Randy and Chris - the start temp was 22 degrees. The boys needed their running "tights" to keep them warm!

At the finish

Yeah! The boys made it across the sand, rocks, mud and waist-deep water to finish the race

Our "group" with the fabulous finishers - minus Jerri. Thanks for taking the photo, Jerri!

Another finish photo taken by the proud wife

Refueling at the post-race party

Uncle Randy and Cameron (after Randy showered, of course!)
And, of course, a trip to the XC would not be complete without a stop at Arches (or the Articks as Cameron calls them)
A view of Delicate Arch

At the Windows

Our final shot of the "Articks" - don't know how he came up with that one, but so darn cute I can't stand to correct it!
What an awesome weekend! Congrats boys on an AMAZING race!

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