Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Pics

This is how we spent October . . . Found a pumpkin (5 days before Halloween)
Took our friends to Gardner Village
and hung out with some awesome witches

Got fancy for Trunk or Treat at the church
Ninja, Pirate Princess, War Baby and Malibu Barbie
all joined in on the fun

Our favorite "crazy girl" Maize came over

and played dumpster roller coaster

We watched the always fabulous Halloween party at the school

(No-mask ninja)

War Baby and Aquarius

Hung out with the cutest GI Joe

Celebrated Will's 4th birthday with the cousins

It was a super fab Halloween party

Ninja and Soldier went trick-or-treating

(Mom stayed home and watched the Utes - Go Utes!)

Our very own hobo went in search of candy

She took her "crazy baby" with her and they hit the jackpot - pillowcases full of candy

Very fun, very busy month. What more can you want?


kir said...

good job getting out to see the festive decor at Gardner Village!SADLY our whole group did not make it in time for the witches so we HAVE to FOR SURE go see the christmas sites!
Great costumes and congrats on the candy!

Char said...

I think you spent more quality time with my kids last month than I did. Thanks for being so good to them!

Kaarina said...

Seriously love Tays costume...oh my gosh that is fantastic!

tam said...

Your kids were so cute! I laughed so hard when Taylor (and her baby) came to the door. BTW...I love your family pic in your header!!! So fun!

Flockhart Family said...

Your kids are so cute. You are such a great mom. I can't get over the Nacho Libre mask from Trunk-R-Treat!