Thursday, January 8, 2009

Running Sucks!!

I ran a 10 mile trainer today with my husband. The wind was blowing (hard and cold!!) out of the south. I slipped on some ice and went down on my face. I am super graceful - I know. I decided that today running sucks. And I think I can run a marathon???? 1/2 Marathon in 9 days. I hope I survive.


Casey said...

I know you can do it, you are a better woman than me!!

Lisa said...

Ouch, sounds like that hurt! I couldn't tell for looking at you on Sunday - I thought you looked stylish and beautiful as always, I felt downright frumpy by comparison. I guess no permanent damage was done? I love to read about your running, it's inspiring, so keep on keeping on... you are leading by example!