Monday, January 26, 2009

My Baby . . .

Turned six this week. I can't stand that he is that old. He was born on my 28th birthday. Yes, we share our special day. The year he was born, as my birthday approached, my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said I wanted to have the baby, and I got my wish.

Fun things about Cameron:

He didn't have a name for the first three weeks of his life. We called him "baby" and "boy". The birth cerficiate nurse called each week, and by the third week, said we had to submit his birth certificate ASAP - so we decided on Cameron Christopher Robinson (Christopher for his dad).

Cameron has lost two teeth already. More than anyone else in kindergarten.

Cameron has a passion for hot wheels and trucks. I think he owns more hot wheels than anyone else I know. He also loves playing his Wii.

Cameron is going to be a construction builder when he grows up.

Cameron is also known as Boy, Bubba, Balooga and Noo-Noo (from sister Taylor).

Cameron has a "twin" cousin named Tiana. Whenever my sister or I take them "out on the town", people always ask us how old our twins are.
Cameron's cousin Gavin used to call him "Apple" (we're not sure why). Kaarina (Gavin's mom)and I started calling the two of them "the rotten apples".

I can't believe he has been around for six years already. Seems like he was born yesterday. He has been my "special little guy" since he was born - there is a four year gap between him and his sister, so it has always been Mom and Cam. I am struggling with the fact that he will soon be in school full time. I will miss my little backseat buddy. I guess for now I better just cherish all our quality time together.


Casey said...

I cannot believe he is 6! He is a sweet kid. I hope both of your Birthday's were awesome!

Kaarina said...

Happy birthday little nugget! I can't believe our "rotten apples" are getting so bug! Love that little guy...

Char said...

Hope you both had a fabulous day, in spite of having to hang out with Keller.