Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

The snowstorms this week have been fabulous - I love the snow! Just kidding. I hate the snow, the cold, anything that is not related to summer or warm temperatures. I am definitely a palm trees and warm ocean breezes girl. When you are a wimpy runner like I am, snow is not so great. Because of the snow and the freezing temperatures, I have been forced to run inside on the treadmill. So boring! I would love to run outside, but the sidewalks are too icy and I am too klutzy. I can't even walk to my mailbox without falling. So there goes any chance of me running outside! Oh well, treadmills are nice, too.
When I was trying to shovel the walks, I got too tired. I told Cameron to come inside, we would finish it later when his dad got home. But Cameron wasn't done playing in the snow, so he takes the shovel from me and says, "I'll do it, mom!" So here are the pictures of my darling 5-year-old boy shoveling the driveway for the first time. He actually did a pretty good job!

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