Friday, November 21, 2008

My Running History

I am a runner. I am not a jogger. The difference between a runner and a jogger is that a runner enters and finishes races. I have been told what I do is not running. Of course, it is usually by a non-runner. Do I run fast? Not very. I have finished races. I have not necessarily "won" any races, but to me, by finishing, I have won. Let me tell you a little about my journey to becoming a runner. After my third (and last) child, I was pushing 200 bills. Not good. I woke up one day and said I cannot go on this way. I cannot be this heavy. I cannot be this unhappy with myself. With the support of my AWESOME husband I ended up losing 65 pounds. 15 pounds have managed to find their way back to me, but that's another story. Anyway, after I lost my weight, I said to my husband one day, I want to start running. After he picked himself up off the floor due to his fit of laughter, he went with me to the high school track. I ran one lap (1/4 mile) and collapsed on the ground. My legs were burning. My lungs were burning. My head was throbbing. I had no idea how hard it was! I went back the next day, the next day, and every day after that. Eventually (again, with the support of my AWESOME husband and my BFF Tara) I was able to run 1 mile around the track! Then I started running to the track from my house, running 1 miles, then running home. I kept it up and after 6 weeks I finished my first 5k. I have been running and finishing races since. I so far have finished several 5ks, one 10k, 2 half marathons and 1 XC (extreme challenge). I will be training for my 3rd 1/2 marathon (held in January in St. George.), then my next big training will be for (hopefully) the St. George marathon in October of 2009. I hope the one thing you will get out of reading my blog is this: if I can go from 1/2 mile to running a 1/2 marathon, anyone can! Happy Blogging. Run on my friends, run on.


Lisa said...

You are freaking amazing! I am terrified of trying to start running because I think my face will turn tomato red, my heart will try to escape my chest, I won't be able to catch my breath and I won't have covered any distance before all this happens. Do you run when it's cold? When it's snowing? Where do you run when the highschool is in session? I know I need to start doing something but I'm not sure I dare to try.

Kristine said...

thanks for the comment. Your face will turn red and your heart will escape into your chest. But just keep consistent and it will all change. Yes, i run when it is cold. I have run when it is snowing. However, I won't run if the sidewalks are not clear. I am afraid of falling and getting hurt. I am not very coordinated. All you have to do is start small. What have you got to lose? Start out walking and then you can gradually build up. That is what I did. Good luck to you!