Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This and That

A few of our recent activities include:

Coyote Pride Awards received by Ashlie and BFF Madalyn

Photos of the friends - Ashlie's to be exact! Second to last day of school - Ashlie and Madalyn have been friends with Ethan, Blake and Bridger since Kindergarten - end of an era. Tho, the 7th Grade Teachers may thank us!!

Cameron and his partner in crime - Mitchell! Friends since Kindergarten in Ms. Gaetz's class. Now they are almost third-graders!

Cameron and BFF Keller - fellow Coyote Pride recipient. These boys have been causing trouble since before Kindergarten! The neighborhood will never be the same...

Cameron and his 2nd Grade Teacher - Ms. Gallagher. What a great teacher!! She whipped this boy into shape! Not literally, of course. How we loved having her teach Cameron this year!

Ashlie spent a season playing lacrosse - and is quite the player! This girl is lethal with a stick - but in a good way.

As a going away present, her BFFs Madalyn and Blake gave her a going-away party - complete with balloons AND pizza!!

Of course, BFF Macy was there - along with several others.

Ashlie and Blake - friends always. There might be an arrangment between mothers - that's all I'm going to say...

Ashlie and her "gang" of awesome friends. What a lucky girl to have so many people love her!!

Ashlie and Kade - matching pillow pets!

We are so grateful to have such awesome friends, neighbors and teachers! Amazing how people can bless and shape our lives. Thank you, everyone. We love you!!
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