Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Running my first post-surgery race on Saturday. Six miles. In mud. On a team.
Pretty sure I will make us last.

I have not run six miles since, well, a year ago when my insides fell out.

If you have any free time Saturday, please send good thoughts my way.


Mikki said...

You are amazing, and you will do great. Good luck and say a prayer, and you will be AWESOME!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Awww.....my thoughts will be with you. I'll say a prayer for you! Give it what you got and as long as you do that........you'll do great (no matter where you finish)!!!

Wendy said...

We'll be driving to Disneyland on Sat. so I'll be sending good thoughts your way!!!

Angie said...

Just enjoy the moment. I am so jealous I wanted to run this one. Have fun slipping around in the mud! :)