Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Challenge

Here's my mission - run a 6 mile race on September 24th.

Ran one mile today, September 2nd.

My lungs are burning and I feel as if my head will explode.

Not sure how to tackle this one.

Any suggestions?

(and no, I don't want to drop out of the race)


Angie said...

The most important thing is to stick with it. Since you are an experienced runner your stamina will come back. I suggestion would be to make yourself go a half mile more each day, even if you have to walk it. Best wishes. What race are you running?

Wendy said...

Carry an inhaler.

YOU can totally do this!

Kristine Robinson said...

I am running the dirty dash in Heber on September 24th. Thanks, Angie, for the tip. I will do 1/2 mile more each day!

Angie said...

I am so jealous that you are doing the dirty dash. I tried to get in and it was already sold-out. I am sure you are going to have a great time!