Saturday, March 6, 2010

Running Etiquette

A long overdue post. At my last race I was extremely perturbed by some "newbie" racers. I think I can call myself an experienced racer - I have 15 races under my belt. I won't list them all, it would just bore you.

I don't ever "win" (as my son asks me, which is debatable, though, becasue if I finish I consider myself a winner - but that is a completely different post) or even place. I know I am not fast. That is not what I am claiming. I do, however, try to have some etiquette for those around me.

If you are considering running a race in the near future - or EVER for that matter, please, please, PLEASE read this article. Everyone around you will be extremely grateful you did.

Here are a few highlights:

If you are slow, line up in the back!

If you are walking, line up in the back! Don't walk in the MIDDLE of the course - walk to the sides, please, please, PLEASE!!!! Those of us that want to run and get a respectable finish time HATE trying to dodge you!

If you run with a group, don't run more than two together (my last 1/2 marathon I kept trying to get around 4 teenage girls that were running extremely slow on a very narrow path. Wanted to trip them all!)

Say thank you to volunteers - they are awesome and amazing!

If you didn't pay to run, line up in the back and let everyone else that DID pay go first!

Thanks for reading - I am HOPING to run in the SLC Marathon - the 5k portion. My first race in MONTHS!

May all your runs be SOLID!!


Heather said...

Makes sense to me and I have never run yet, but will hopefully see you at the SL Marathon:)

Angie said...

I LOVE RUNNING! I am trying to train for a half marathon. I have only run in one race before. I think I am going to try the Salt Lake Marathon 5k also. I would try the half marathon but my hubby said to try to run some 5k's. I love your blog. I will link you on mine