Monday, March 15, 2010


Driving home from St. George on Saturday - UDOT said severe weather travel delays. What does UDOT know? We absolutely knew better than they did - so we left St. George at 3:30 in the afternoon. All was fine until we get on the north side of Cedar City. Then we hit this:

Sat in traffic for over an hour. AN HOUR!!

All thanks to THIS - trucks and cars off the road EVERYWHERE! I lost count after 10.

After our hour of waiting, we pass the traffic on I-15 heading southbound. Yikes!

Threw this pic in because I think my hubby is so darn cute! And he was very patient. Didn't yell or blame me once. (It was my idea to head home - I wanted my own bed)

Thank heaven for in-car entertainment systems and leftover Pizza Factory pizza (the best pizza in the world - according to me!)

As for me, I studied brains until it was too dark to see.
We rolled in around 10:00. Very long drive, but worth it to sleep in my own bed. Glad to be home! (But I do miss the St. George weather!)
And UDOT? Next time I WILL heed your advice!

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Kaarina said...

That's how it was for us driving home from Disneyland in December - but it was at night. I had no idea if we were even on the road at times, the snow was so bad. We kept getting passed by semis we later saw flipped over off the side of the road, and the car in front of us spun out. I hate that pass - it is scary! Glad you guys got home safe, we were worried about you :)