Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I have never done

These are literally things I have never done before this last week:

1. Gone a full week without doing my hair OR makeup - I'm the girl that takes the makeup to the cabin, in the woods, where no one sees me. I'm the girl that wears makeup at Lake Powell where I'm in the water all day. I'm the girl that puts on full makeup after having a baby - in the hospital - before people can come in. Literally have never gone a whole week without makeup.

2. Eaten nothing but soup for three days straight. I love food - I love to eat. I love to eat food. For three days I ate nothing but soup. Clear, brothy soup. Don't get me wrong. It was delicious. It was the best soup I have ever had in my life (thank you, mom!) But those that know me will find the fact that all I ate was soup very, very odd.

3. Not changed out of my pajamas for a week. I love clothes - I love to buy new clothes. I love to wear the new clothes I buy. I love to wear something different every single day. I have worn the same pair of sweat pants for a week, with some mild alterations to accomodate my lovely post-surgery accessories. Don't get me wrong, I love pajamas. I love to wear pajamas. I love to wear them every night. But not the same pair for a week. My mom managed to get them off me for an hour so she could wash them. Again, thanks, mom!

I guess change is good for me.

Thanks for reading.

I am starting to get a little bored sitting in bed all day. Not bored enough to get up and do anything, however.


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

While we were making cookies this morning, Cameron informed me that you got your tube out of your butt and you get to pee again. Ha ha ha!

Congratulations on that!

Kristine Robinson said...

Gotta love that boy! Thank you for letting him hang out!