Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Have To

Post photos of the kids with Santa.

Another Tradition:
Grandpa and Grandma have a close personal relationship with Santa.
He comes to their house every year to visit the grandkids and find out who is in the Good Book. It was a close call for Cameron this year - Santa knew all about his fights with Ashlie. Oops!

This girl only wants a camera or a longboard -
I guess she is going to use the longboard as a ski???

This is the boy that wants a Nerf gun and
a remote control car that can climb walls -
I guess he gets lonely climbing the walls by himself

You'll never guess what this girl asked for -
of course, more clothes!
I think she is trying to see if she can get enough outfits to go 6 months without wearing the same thing twice. Good thing she looks so cute in them!

And a digital camera, of course
And texting on her cell phone, of course

The joy of teenage girls . . .

Here are all the cousins together - even our St. George cousins came! It was great fun to laugh, play and sing. Miss B sang her beautiful solo from The Dickens Festival. Ash brought out the violin, Freaky T wailed on the piano . . .


The highlight of the night came when our very own Bon "Jabie" belted "Livin' on a Prayer" - watch out world, we have the next American Idol!

NOTHING better than hanging with the family at Christmas.

May Santa bring you everything on your list -

Merry Christmas!

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