Saturday, October 10, 2009


This post is dedicated to my BYU side of the family! A headless Ute

Game day - you MUST wear Ute attire in this house on game day!

Go, Utes! As you can tell, we are a UTE family!
We enjoyed the Utah vs CSU game tonight with a pizza party (and chocolate for mom).
The Utes KICKING BUTT was just an added bonus.
Fun was had by all.
Go Utes!
Counting down to the Utah/BYU game in November. . .


Casey said...

As you can imagine we are a Ute family too.(me through marriage) I am glad they are doing well though. I need a cute Utah shirt. I like the pink one Ash has on, I think I need that one!

Char said...

So cute! I love that you all dress up. We're doing good if everyone's wearing pants.

Mikki said...

Way cute picture... However...... Tyler would say that Pink is not the color of Utah.. So no pink shirts allowed at our house. Very cute.

Kristine Robinson said...

I agree with the no pink rule! It is not a Utah color and she does not match. I am going to have to get her a red one. I think I will do Ute Christmas cards this year.

~The Vreeken Family~ said...

I LOVE the idea of Ute cards... i wanted to do that last year and Wade though it was a dumb idea. I'm glad to have a UTE Family, in our corner!