Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farewell Summer

We loaded up the car, hot dog and all, and headed to the cabin for a last summer visit. Time to close up the cabin and bring home the wheelers
The cabin is our very favorite summer spot - we ride wheelers (as The Boy calls them), eat, watch movies, eat, sit around the fire, eat...
Uh, is it obvious Cameron loves the cabin?
Ash and her BFF, Mad, riding the wheelers

Cameron in the wheeler trailer

Chris and his dad - always working on something

Ash and Mad - Mad's first time driving!

Grandma teaching Tay to cook breakfast. Grandma's breakfasts are the best - bacon, sausage, scones, eggs, hashbrowns, orange juice, chocolate milk, the works!

Ash and Mad - learing to make scones

Grandpa teaching Cam to make scones - a cabin tradition!
Farewell, fun summer, farewell.
I can't wait to see you next year!

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kir said...

Hey--LOVE your new family pics!! Summer is definitely over--I know when I drive the elem. crew to school because it is under 40 degrees (otherwise you know we are walking!) that warm days are in the past. But hey, who doesn't love pumpkins??!
For the record, Zorro's costume came right from the Taget sale rack--I'm fancy like that...